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Humankind’s customisable speech-bubble business cards
I met Jessica Simpson for lunch today at the Woolies Café in Hyde Park for our regular: harvest table, The Best cappuccino and a glass of strawberry water. Yum-o! No, I don’t actually say ‘yum-o’, The Rain Man does and I think it’s hysterical, on par with ‘yikes’ which I’ve somehow adopted recently. Yikes! Anyhoo, between solving the world’s problems and making cappuccino froth moustaches, Jessica Simpson whipped out her new sassy little business card. The advertising agency JS works for subscribes to all things good, carbon neutral, socially aware and sustainable and have recently rebranded as Humankind. The business has carried the good thread through to its corporate stationery which uses a ‘one size fits all’ approach, allowing staff to stamp their individual details onto the generic business card in order to customise.

Not only is the card creative, quirky and memorable, but it reduces cost from an economies of scale approach and reduces wastage, ultimately saving the planet. Next time your company needs business cards, use recycled paper, vegetable ink and customisable solutions.

To find out more about FSC approval, click here to visit the website of the Forest Stewardship Council, or e-mail the South African representative John Scotcher on to find out how your business can become recognised.

Because together we really can make a difference.

Yours in all things green,

brandslut xoxo

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