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Dr. Paw Paw
It’s funny how life works. I fell into coffee a number of years ago living in Cape Town. No, I didn’t trip over someone’s pooch outside Vida Camps Bay and dive nose-first into some prawn’s macchiato, I mean the industry. Coffee locally morphed into coffee internationally which led to food retail, food service, restaurants, consulting and here I am, in 2010, a fully-fledged food marketeer (amongst other things). Never in a million years…
The reason I’m sharing my micro curriculum vitae with you is so that you understand my insane passion for food and all things related. I photograph almost everything I eat, reading a menu is forever ruined and I’ve become one of those annoying people who always feed back. Feedback, that is. No, I won’t give you back your koeksuster.
One of Jozi’s gems is Tasha’s. It’s been around for a while and boasts 5 stores, the most recent being within the Brooklyn Design Quarter which I visited on opening day. Understanding the restaurant trade and the craziness that surrounds a new store launch, I was blown away by how composed the staff and management seemed to be. I even had a chance to meet Tasha as she Tazmanian Devilled herself around the joint, ensuring all was slick and all customers were happy.
The point I want to make is one of quality and consistency. I have never had a disappointing meal at Tasha’s and I’m fine with paying above-average prices because I know that I’ll always get great service and a fabulous meal that looks droolicious on my plate, is beyond filling and is made from premium ingredients. This weekend I tried Dr. Paw Paw for breakie – a whole paw-paw, halved and topped with Greek yoghurt, toasted almonds and honey, for R46. OMFG, as my dear friend Gold would say. I’m a creature of habit and fear I may never manage to order anything else for breakfast again. Their Turkish flat-breads and Turkish delight cocktails are total crowd-pleasers too. Tasha’s also offer a specials menu with home-grown treats like braai broodjie, gourmet wors roll & fries, cranberry bobotie and pampoenkoekies. OMFG.
On the topic of consistency, their website completely embodies the essence, tone and love that is Tasha’s and you ‘get it’ immediately. Click here to visit the Tasha’s website, one of the nicest and most effective sites I’ve seen in ages, along with Nando’s which you can view by clicking  here. Check out their franchise page, mountain dwellers, because Cape Town needs a Tasha’s immediately.
Let’s hope that Tasha’s recent acquisition by Famous Brands doesn’t mean compromise on any of the good things we’ve come to know, love and expect. And I hope to see Tasha at every new opening.
I’m hungry now.
brandslut xoxo

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