Get used to it. Heita! is the name of Telkom‘s new consumer mobile business. Personally, I prefer Yowza!, but that’s neither here nor there. Industry whispers reveal that the launch of the consumer mobile service is planned for October 14th – heita, thats’s soon!

At first I thought the name was rank. And then I learnt that heita is township slang for howzit which has changed the way I feel toward the brand name, but I guess the proof is in the service and execution and let’s just hope they don’t pull a Cell C and c*ck up their C.I. I also hope this new consumer mobile service provider puts a fire-cracker beneath the bums of the other cellular service providers in South Africa who could do with a little competition. Free local calls? A ridonculous amount of monthly minutes? Decent customer service? Take a leaf from the Yanks and Poms on this one, Telkom.


brandslut xoxo

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    1. Jeff Felzenberg – Todd -When we selected you to do Janice and Yifty’s wddieng, we knew we had the best! Your shot of them taken at 1 a.m. with the skyline in back was my favorite, and evidentally, there were many who shared my (our) feelings! Congratulations, and by the way, Kate already has dibs on you for her wddieng as well (whenever that may be!). Again, our best, Jeff and Theresa Felzenberg

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