People of WalMart

With all this crazy talk of American retail giant WalMart threatening to buy South Africa’s MassMart (which runs Game, Dion, Makro and Builder’s Warehouse, among other chains) for a whopping R32 billion, I thought I’d share this little gem with y’all. PEOPLE OF WALMART is a website comprising photos, videos and stories from within the beast. If white-trash and rednecks fascinate you, you’ll love this.
Mullet Barbie
Especially for the cane & cream-soda drinking okes in Debben

Now, it’s a Saturday morning and I’m not in the mood to get all serious (say that in your best  Kipp from Napoleon Dynamite accent) and discuss trade unions and why South Africans are up in arms about the potential buy-out, so read the full Mail & Guardian article here.


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