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W&C – putting salt on the wound
Maybe I’m a snob, but I have a problem with this. I recently popped into Willoughby & Co. in Hyde Park Shopping Centre, Johannesburg for a couple o’ salmon hand-rolls and a warming bowl of Miso soup – my favourites. You can image my surprise when in return for being asked to drop 42 clams on a hand-roll, I was expected to use Cerebos table salt, straight from the original plastic packaging, nogal. Now, being handed a small Cerebos cellar upon request would have been bad enough, but this South African family staple actually comprised the table setting.
Maybe I’m a dinosaur, but I think Willoughby & Co. could have a little more tact than this, especially considering their sushi prices err on the expensive side. Surely sea or rock salt in a grinder would be a nicer touch. And hell, if you’re trying to improve your cost of sale by resorting to the cheapest table salt possible, at least have the foresight to decant your Cerebos into something a little nicer.
Why not go a step further and commission a group of disadvantaged potters to produce a range of fish shaped salt pots?
Naughty Willoughby.
brandslut xoxo

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