The Little Things

Gautrain – doing things properly
I had my first virgin Gautrain experience a few weeks ago en route to see The Mommy and was generally blown away. Please mind the puns, I couldn’t help myself. You see, I’m a stickler for design and detail and was impressed to see that no detail had been spared, not even on the carpets. As you can see by my image, tiny little embroidered Gautrains tile the length of the gangway carpets. Most people probably haven’t noticed this. Brand people might. But I certainly did. Not only are the carpets branded, clean and generally awesome, but the service was great and the reduced time to the airport even better. Sure, there are kinks in the system as the train was launched prematurely to accommodate the FIFA Football World Cup, but I think all involved have done a cracking job thus far. It’s going to be interesting to see how the imminent toll-road implementation by SANRAL is going to affect the Gautrain and public transport use in Gauteng in general. In-ter-rest-ing.
A little attention to detail goes a long way and I hope to see more South African brands realising the value in the little things. Let’s hope the anti chewing-gum laws on-board remain firm and that we manage to keep this beautiful train and service clean and enjoyable for all.
Yours in the detail,
brandslut xoxo

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