Woolies’ Black Gold

The Woolies cappuccino – it’s not shit
It’s only fitting that my first post is about coffee, the black gold that pulses through the veins of cities and addicts the world over. Having worked for Starbucks UK, Vida e Caffe and alongside the ex Marketing Director of Costa Coffee UK, I guess you could say I’m passionate about the stuff. As a purveyor of all things brand, I notice things, challenge promises and appreciate beautiful design.

A brand that seldom disappoints is good ol’ Woolies and you can imagine my meerkat like response when I recently noticed their Woolworths Cuppuccino “The Best” campaign. Sjoe. Huge shout, Susman. I’ll decide that for myself, thank you. Now, whilst I certainly have allegiances to brands due to memories forged and experiences had, I welcome a lil’ healthy competition with open arms. It’s competition that drives COO’s and Marketing Directors to reevaluate service levels and product quality. It’s this duelling that ultimately leads to some fun inter-brand banter and hopefully a happier customer behind the bill. Woolies, I gotta give you credit. Your Woolworths Cafe baristas have been excellently trained and your cappuccino is bloody marvellous (perfect espresso to milk ratio, orgasmic foam). I’ve had about 10 now (no, not in this sitting) and I think it’s safe to say you’ve done your homework. An opportunity was identified, a demand realised, a product and marketing campaign implemented and you’ve made at least one customer smile.

I think coffee brands like Mugg & Bean and Seattle Coffee Co. could take a leaf. I’ve had average experiences at both recently and in this market who wants to be remembered as average? I mean, coffee is your bag guys, please serve me a decent espresso.

Yours in all things caffeine based,
brandslut xoxo

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