On Monday night I met The Noo for a long-overdue goss’ and save-the-world session – my favourite! A bottle of wine down the tapeworm kicked in, prompting a strategic nag phone call to The Investment Banker who volunteered to make us home-made tagliatelle (!) using his brand new pasta machine (the manual kind) from my vice, yuppiechef. If Telkom want to get Heita! right, I suggest they press a call to Paul Galatis on (021) 702 4969. Because THAT. My friend. Is what you call customer service. Anyhoo, the pasta was easy and uitstekend and The Rain Man now knows exactly what to stuff my stocking with this year.

Yuppiechef also happens to be the recipient of the very first Loerie (‘recognising, rewarding and fostering creative excellence’) awarded to an online store, and it’s a gold one nogal! I think it’s incredibly well-deserved and here’s how the lil’ nuggets behind the yuppiechef brand did it, article and images courtesy of their in-house online magazine, spatula:

Shane Dryden, Paul Galatis and Andrew Smith of Yuppiechef
“Our Lovebirds campaign (read the original story here) showed how a simple idea, quickly acted upon can pack an enormous punch thanks to the advent of social media and traditional media channels working hand in hand. One ransom note, a single blog post and a URL registration fee of R70 hi-jacked a social media campaign planned months in advance by two of SA’s leading agencies. In 14 days the ransom generated more than R3,5 million in media coverage while raising more than R100,000 for the charity Soil for Life and the blog post received more visits than the nationally advertised Woolies competition website.

What made it fly? People were captured by the idea of a small, nimble online company taking advantage of a morsel of opportunity, while fleecing Woolies for a good cause as they took their first bungling steps into the world of social media. Cheeky, we know, but we got away with it.

Woolies Lovebirds Ransom Note
Many manufactured viral campaigns are driven by rewarding people for spreading the word in re-tweet-and-win or share-to-win fashions. It is interesting to note that in this case the motivation for people to spread the word was to help a charity, support the underdogs and play a part in what the Mail & Guardian called a ‘David & Goliath story‘. “The power of a great social idea has been proven through this campaign,” says Dani Vos, from Hello World Agency, “and we look forward to embracing this kind of smart thinking every day with brands like Yuppiechef.”

For some, the big question was whether we saw a spike in sales. The short answer is no, however, the obvious and immediate benefits were great awareness, positive word of mouth and the strong sense of community created among our fans who played an integral role in the campaign.

Being an online store, our world is the internet. We live, breath and communicate with our fans each day through social media. Everyone out there is taking their best guess at what social media means for their business, as are we. Over time we are seeing the growing impact that social media is having on our business, but truth be told, there are no formulas we can follow or ‘experts’ to consult with. It’s a new frontier that we are exploring daily and we’re enjoying the ride.”

Big-up Team Yuppie!
brandslut xoxo

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