Pinhole Magic

Anthony Browell pinhole ‘Primitive Beauty’
After a gorgeous gravadlax and cappuccino breakie at Olympia Cafe in Kalk Bay, the Salty C Dog and I ventured upstairs to the Kalk Bay Modern – contemporary art, framing and gallery. Their art, from jewellery to ceramics and textiles, is beauteous. Let’s just say there was plenty of restraining that had to be done with constant reminders of airplane luggage limitations. Which has just reminded me of something else that irritates the poop out of me – airplane weight restrictions

I don’t mean to sound fattist, but why are  luggage weight allowances not calculated according to total weight, including body mass? Given that I weigh half of a 100kg person, surely I should be entitled to an extra 50kg’s of luggage? Or the fat person should be fined for the extra [insert weight here] of mass they’re adding to the total weight of the plane. Grr. Did I mention how awesome it was being charged R3500 for being 10kgs overweight from London recently? 

Awesome vibe.

Anyhoo, due to my cheeky inquisitive nature the lovely lady at the Kalk Bay Modern gave me a sneak peak into the photograph selection for the upcoming Point of Focus pinhole photography exhibition which opens on October 15th and ends on the 31st. There’s something magical about making a camera from household materials and I’m now on a mission to attempt to replicate some of the insanely beautiful photographs I was shown this morning. If you’re interested in making one, here’s how. If you manage to get it right, hook me up with your work and we’ll host a virtual pinhole exhibition. Fun!  

Kalk Bay Modern

136 Main Road, Kalk Bay
021 788 6571

I might just have to arrange some incredibly important meetings in Cape Town at the end of the month.

brandslut xoxo

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