Do You Give A Duck?

Jozi on her first road-trip

How many pairs of shoes do you own? A lot, right? Here’s something to chew on: do you know that there are over 7 million children in South Africa who do not own a pair of school shoes? Now you do. I doubt whether most of us could walk to work on a daily basis, let alone barefoot. If you’ve got R100 to spare you can change the life of a child in this country.

The folk at Bobs For Good and Learn to Earn put their heads together and came up with the quacky I Give a Duck campaign, a fun way to raise funds for school shoes and skills development in South Africa in November. I guess it’s the ‘Movember’ that everyone can play. It really couldn’t be easier to make a difference: buy a duck from an official duck dealer listed here, register your duck online and have a quacking November. Or you can take your efforts to another level like these guys at Duckathlon and start your own campaign to raise even more money for these 2 great charities.

I had breakfast at the Bobs For Good offices this week and the lovely Lauren talked me through the cause, the motivation and the great things happening at the foundation. I had a goosebump moment when she mentioned the hundreds of thousands of children who die from and are injured in road accidents each year and how Bobs For Good is tackling this by manufacturing school shoes with reflective strips sewn into the back and front of each pair of shoes. Black River F.C. have taken the initiative a step further by designing a shoe box that folds out into a game and uses a plastic toy car as a mechanic to teach children too young to read the rules of the road. How awesome is that?!

Get quacking, you’ve only got 2 more weeks!

brandslut xoxo

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