Dirty Diana

This is gadget p*rn to me and I am in love with my new toy; my Diana F + with Instant Back. Instant Back is an attachment that transforms your Diana into an instant camera which takes mini ‘Polaroids’, if you will, like this:

Please excuse the incredibly cuck composition and quality of the photograph I’ve taken of the instant photo, my BlackBerry is on her last legs. Weep. Anyhoo, this little feature is uber awesome as y’all know Polaroid is no more and I believe this is the only instant alternative. There’s something magical about analog and this Bad Boy has a pinhole feature as well as multi and partial exposure, fish-eye, wide-angle, colour-splash, ring-flash and a heap of other radical features. If you demand this for Christmas, Exposure Gallery will hook you up. Or if you can wait until January (I couldn’t), 70 Juta will soon become home to Lomography‘s first standalone store in South Africa. Nice. Oh, and the Diana F + also comes with a selection of coloured gels to tint your photographs, as I did with Kitima in this one.

Ring-flash? Sounds like something The Sharmanator would do.

brandslut xoxo


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