Nando’s Raise The Bar, Again.

An unusual parcel arrived for me at the office this morning. I started to sweat a little when I saw the big serious-looking CONFIDENTIAL stamp. Had my online shopping habit at gotten me into the dwang with Barclays ? Had The Receiver discovered my assets in Barbados, Switzerland and Brakpan? Had my sex tape with Mr. South Africa finalist Adriaan Bergh gone public? I was nervous.

An then I saw it. The box of love from the new Nando’s CEO (Chicken Excellence Officer) himself, Kagiso…

Brand p*rn! And this, my friends, is why I heart Nando’s.  Dialling 0860 438 227 will allow you to listen to a cheeky lil’ message from Kagiso, and the memory stick is loaded with all sorts of campaign related stuff. The best part? The boys and girls at Nando’s and Black River FC have got such a great sense of humour that they loaded the phone with airtime from Cell C.

Too good,

brandslut xoxo


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