A little while back I posted a poll asking you whether or not you felt Herschelle Gibbs’ controversial autobiography, To The Point, had been damaging to his brand. This is how you voted…

  1. 37.5% said yes, the oke is a muppet!

  2. 18.75% of you are glad someone had the balls to be honest.

  3. 18.75% of you don’t care.

  4. 12.5% of you think cricket is a small annoying insect.

  5. 9.38% of you reckon he’s your hero, book or no book.

  6. 3.13% voted other.

So there you have it. The majority of you feel he should spend more time with Alfonso and less with Amla.

Because everyone loves a good poll,

brandslut xoxo

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