Dear Elle Decor

Thank you for inspiring me on a monthly basis and for the visual feast you provide. But please, pretty please, improve your online subscription facility. It’s 2010, a couple of weeks before Christmas and you offer no online ordering facility. Now, I know the silly season is upon us, but this is just plain silly. In order to subscribe I need to SMS (nah) or e-mail (sigh) and I opt for the latter. The poor sod who has to process orders manually is on training and receiving an Out of Office message when I want to order now is just not good enough.

You’ve realised the value of social media which is great, but what’s the use in enticing brand supporters to become Facebook fans with a nice subscription discount carrot without an online ordering facility? It feels to me as though you’re putting the proverbial cart before the horse.

I’ve just treated the lovely ladies in my life to Christmas gift subscriptions and I would have liked to include Elle Decor as a stocking stuffer too. Hopefully next year ordering will be simple and straight forward, like that of your competition.

brandslut x0x0

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