Secret City Project Visits Jozi

I connected with Chris of Secret City Project and Mike Sharman on the weekend to talk the boys through a few of the places I feel make Jozi special. The Secret City Project is a Cape Town based initiative aimed at unlocking the hidden ‘amazeness’ that is Cape Town and its people.  Here’s a snapshot of our whirlwind tour of Braamfontein in Mike’s new #minigetaway, the Mini Countryman:


brandslut xoxo


    1. Brandslut, firstly, yowza!!

      Secondly, you seem to have it all you lucky slapper! You love Johannesburg which is enlightening for us Capetonians, you seem to be dating a very good one, and your blogging career seems to be flying!!

      Good luck to you honey


    1. having recently moved up to Jozi from sunny Durbs, this clip was awesome! i have to admit I’m loving Jozi and all its quirks and charms, you are so right, wouldnt want to be any where else but in SA. #proudlysouthafrican

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