Brandslut’s Best Buys: Nike Plus Sportband

The Nike + Sportband of Awesomeness

A little while ago I asked the Twitterverse for recommendations on the latest/greatest technology to measure and record runs. Yes, 2011 is my Year of the Beast and I will transform this body into a running machine. 80% of those who answered my plea suggested Nike +, so off I skipped to the new Nike concept store in Sandton to find out more. I left 20 minutes later with a shiny new Nike Plus Sportband, the grey and yellow one. PS, the service was outstanding.

Being a Running Machine in Training, I wasn’t prepared to drop a couple of gorillas on the Garmins and Polars of this world which are simply too expensive and complicated for me right now.  At a cool R599, the Nike + Sportband left me with absolutely no post purchase dissonance and I hurried home to charge her for my debut run.

The system works like this, courtesy of NikeBlog

“For those of you who always wanted to join the legions of Nike+ users, but didn’t feel up to investing the hundreds of dollars into an iPod Nano, iTouch or iPhone, your prayers have been answered: Nike has officially introduced the Nike+ Sportband. The Sportband works with the Nike+ sensor, just like the iPod’s do, to monitor a runner’s time, pace, calories and distance, as well as tracking overall progress toward a larger goal or program. And of course Nike+ still works with the iPods, for those who also enjoy a little music or don’t feel like plunking down the $59 the SportBand will run.”

As I don’t have an iPod Nano (I’m old-school like that and my pink iPod Mini, the original, isn’t compatible with the Nike technology), I opted for the Sportband. It’s a neat little watch-like device that monitors time, distance, calories burned, pace and doubles up as a watch. The screen snaps out and can be plugged straight into your computor’s USB port where you connect to to track your progress online:

“Accompanying the launch of the Nike+ SportBand is the news that has now merged with, bringing the more-than-2-million plus users a plethora of new features, including a fully customizable homepage, improved challenges and integration with a user’s favorite social networking website, allowing Nike+ users to meet new running partners and share their progress publicly.”

The watch works with a little chip which you insert into your shoe. You’re advised to buy the Nike running shoes with the special compartment for your chip, however I wasn’t prepared to do this so I created my own version by inserting the chip into the tongue of my current running shoes and this works perfectly. Yes, I’m also thrifty like that.

It’s really easy to use, straight-forward and fun. I’ve set myself some basic goals on my NikePlus profile online and I’m on my way to achieving them.

Marathon, anyone?

brandslut xoxo


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