Badvertising: Roman’s Pizza


I spotted this whilst watching Grey’s Anatomy last night and had to restrain myself from stabbing myself to death with a blunt knife (no scalpel needed) to avoid being subjected to the cheese one second longer. Roman’s Pizza, have we all been Punkd? Now whilst I understand that your unique selling proposition is cheese (insightful) and this forms the cornerstone of all of your advertising, but this most recent addition to your Tower of Cheesa is beyond cuck. Surely it’s possible to be cheesy AND tasteful/intelligent.

WTFrikkadel Roman’s Pizza? I think it’s time to fire your agency or whoever it is that’s making these poor ‘creative’ decisions.

Bad Pizza, Worse Advertising.

brandslut xoxo


    1. I hear what you’re saying, it is a ridiculous advert but at the same time I haven’t stopped singing that tune since I saw and heard it. If anything it is catchy and is that not effective advertising where everyone remembers the brand, knows exactly what the company is selling and the message is to the point?

      Its not that I like the zef vibe but they are appealing to a mass lower income market who love that kind of attitude and random quirkiness and can identify with it.

      I would say their whole campaign with the cheesy “golden thread” has been well thought out and continuous in all their adverts (you cannot tell me you prefer the useless blond chick falling all over herself) leaving no doubt in their target markets minds as to what the message is they are trying to convey

      I would have to disagree for once and say they are doing a good job :)

      Love your blog, keep it up!


      1. If the ad is aimed at the lower income mass market, then why are they advertising during a prime-time paid for TV spot in the middle of Grey’s Anatomy? Based on Roman’s pricing and media strategy, the product and campaign is clearly aimed at the middle to uppers markets, markets that deserves to be communicated with in an intelligent fashion. It is possible to be fun, light-hearted and intelligent at the same time. The recent Sterie Stumpie campaign is evidence of this.

        Let’s agree to disagree.


    1. But surely nothing beats the mind-numbing lameness of the Verimark brand ads? These are also inserted into thinking-man’s programmes for some reason. I want to set the ‘my guarantee to you’ guy on fire.

    1. Something that no-one has mentioned, is the blatant copying of Jack Parow’s “Cooler As Ekke” video. Maybe this is so obvious that it wasn’t worth mentioning…

      When considering Jack Parow’s fan base, it becomes evident which target market the ad was going for – 16 to 25 middle to upper class. In that case I think it was a poor attempt at a copy or reference, and a weak idea to begin with.

      The zef-wave has sailed…come up with some new ideas.

    1. Hey, hey! It was an annoying advert, but very catchy nonetheless. Jeremy Maggs also did a piece on this particular advertisement, SAFM also advertised the ad agency and the creative director; apparently Roman’s Pizza sold 180% more pizzas than ever during this campaign, something was obviously done right wouldn’t you say?

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