Brandbag Vol. 3: Beatnik Bazaar

This week’s edition of Brandbag is brought to you by the lovely Thaya Bedford of online shop and blog, Beatnik Bazaar. If you’re not scared of handmade goods, vintage bicycles, markets and Simonstown then Beatnik is your b*tch. Here’s a sneak peek into Thaya’s leather Tod’s Brandbag…

Thaya's Tod and its Treasures

What’s down Thaya’s rabbit hole?

  • Alice in Wonderland (essential reading)
  • Coins & cash
  • A leather-bound notebook from Beatnik Bazaar
  • A Standard Bank debit card
  • Ipod Shuffle
  • Sewing kit with safety pins for shoots (a gift from Lauren)
  • Mac lippy and Body Shop liquid eye-liner
  • 2 Skermunkil brooches, also from Beatnik Bazaar (always jazzes up an outfit)
  • A spanner for removing the front wheel of the bicycle
  • BlackBerry
  • A vintage pot to carry little things in
  • Keys
  • Heart sunglasses
  • A blusher brush from Body Shop
  • A Samsung Pro815 camera
  • A hair clip

I love the Orlando Pirates bank card.

brandslut xoxo


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