Violet Explosion

Those who follow me on Twitter know I have a problem with the badly dressed windows at Queenspark. Once upon a time I used to peruse the rails of the store because the window display invited me in. These days I have to hold the bile down as I’m accosted, regularly, with what I describe as a ‘violet explosion‘. Vom.

Seriously Queenspark, reevaluate your window dressing strategy. Fire someone. Hire someone. Take a leaf from your peers at Woolies, Country Road and Forever New. Get creative, use your space and levels properly, and FFS lose the obsession with violet. I know I’m not your target market, but your audience deserves a little more credit, don’t you think?

brandslut xoxo

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    1. Well I am the target market and cant tell you when last I went in the store ! Last time I went in it was as bad as the window.

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