Come Wine With Me

"Gloucester, dahling"

A few months ago the kind folk at KWV invited some bloggers ‘n me to dinner at The Food Room in Cape Town. The premise of the event was to introduce us to the KWV range and to invite us to do the same in the comfort of our own homes at a later date. We were each given some wine and a budget and asked to enjoy ourselves. That’s all. No fancy food-pairing requests, no tasting notes, no poncy press-releases and fine-print – absolute carte blanche.

 I decided to host an olde English picnic in order to soak up the last of the Johannesburg summer rays. We donned our glad rags and gathered together on Saturday for croquet, boules and merriment on the lawn. In order to extend my budget I kept the menu simple with cucumber and bacon & peanut butter sandwiches, gourmet hot-dogs, crudites, cupcakes and koeksusters. We enjoyed four variants of KWV wine: Chenin Blanc, Shiraz, Pinotage and the firm favourite, KWV Brut sparkling wine. Yum-o!

I don’t need to explain the fun that ensued, I’ll let the pictures do the talking…



Thanks KWV for supplying your superb range of wine that added to the joviality and silliness of the day. And thank you to The Supermodel, The Book Thief, The Consultant and The Comrade for helping with the food, flowers and frivolity.
brandslut xoxo 


    1. I say, that looks just dashing young lady. Splendid!

      Look forward to seeing you back in CT soon. MyCityByNight misses their BrandSlut!

    1. Ok that whole name vibe above is a fail… NameStacky! Gees, I must still be feeling my KWV from the Food Room the other night! HAHAHA!

    1. Saturday was so much fun! I had a ball! I especially enjoyed the KWV Brut sparkling wine, it really got peoples chins wagging and feet tapping. Thanks so much.

    1. Yowzers! Looks like so much fun!! And such good-looking folk! The pink shirt or the two cutey’s clinking wine bottles for me please!! #yummy

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