Poll: What Do You Think of Cell C’s Talking Ad?

A while ago I asked you to vote on what you thought of Cell C’s talking ad. Yes, the one that gave you the fright of your life in the quiet dentist’s room as you paged nonchalantly through a magazine. This is how you voted…

51% It’s annoying

26% I haven’t seen it

13% It’s amazeballs

10% It’s superfluous

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brandslut xoxo

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    1. I use CellC’s “whoosh” speedstick, and while it started off incredibly well, speeds have slowed massively, and it is now one of the biggest frustrations in my working day. Almost a month and a half’s worth of tweeting about the poor speeds resulted in a visit from one of their engineers who tried to solve the problem (still pending). On the whole though, their customer service is very poor, and their capacity is not able to deliver what their ads promise. They should spend less on trying to attract more customers, thus overselling their bandwidth, and rather improve their service.

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