Brandbag Vol. 4

This edition of Brandbag features the gorgeous Being Brazen. She’s a lover of lists, fashion, design, quotes and more lists – my personal favourite being ’10 Things I Learnt This Weekend’. Here’s a look at what’s in her handbag…

1.  A touch screen phone with flip out keyboard (aka the Nokia N97)
2. My red, leather wallet from Fossil
3. Keys
4. A make-up bag
5. Chanel Rouge coco lipstick in “Mademoiselle”
6. MAC lipliner
7. Elizabeth Arden 8 hour cream
8. A lipstick holder with mirror (just until I get a new mirror compact)
9. A mini perfume
10. Hand sanitizer spray from Germstar
11. Handbag hanger
12. DKNY handbag

Click here to visit Being Brazen’s blog.

brandslut xoxo


    1. What??? No pepperspray? In this day and age? Must say I’m disappointed in you Brazen? I mean how will you fend off the crazies??? With your supposed “wit”???

      Just kidding. You know I have nothing but love for you.

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