Body Thrills

I’m growing increasingly sceptical of perfumes and, for want of a better word, the crap that laces the potions and lotions we lather ourselves with on a daily basis. My grandmother believed in aqueous cream and avocado – this comprised her beauty regime and she died looking a great deal younger than her peers. Another firm believer in all things hand-made and au naturale is Body Thrills, a local brand of his and hers beauty products that, erm, cuts the crap.

I recently tried out these products from the Body Thrills range:

  • Lemon, nougat and honey coconut body polish (OMFG)
  • Jasmine, rose and ylang-ylang body butter (if you like rose you lurve this)
  • Healing and soothing lip-balm (perfect for the dry Jozi air)
  • Lavender and lime room spritz (complete with a sprig of lavender in the bottle)

Let me start by mentioning I had to restrain myself from eating the lemon, nougat and honey coconut body polish. I have never smelled a product as edible and utterly delicious as this one, let alone a natural one minus perfumes and preservatives. I’m sniffing the jar as I write this and fear I may have developed an addiction.

This is the brand in a nutshell:

“Born out of the need to create a range of products that are natural, preservative-free and entirely delicious – comes Body Thrills, brought to you by ExMi. A variety of handmade, organic, orgasmic, delicious and divine body and bath products – there’s something for everyone – sweet, serene, spicy, fruity and fragrant – Body Thrills will charm, relax, indulge and revitalise with each product. Made from the purest essential oils, organic ingredients and homegrown herbs, these products are all safe for even the most delicate skin to use.”

The entire range is truly irresistible and your skin will thank you. Take a look at the Body Thrills menus which resemble beauty product p*rn: menu, manly menu and pregnancy menu.

Happy online shopping :)

brandslut xoxo

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