WIN with Kiwi Smiling Feet

The lovely ladies at Kiwi Smiling Feet (KSF) recently sent me a goodie bag comprising their full range of gel cushions for shoes. They couldn’t have arrived at a better time as I had an event this weekend that required a lot of standing and even more dancing and I was determined to wear my grey ankle-boots with killer heels. My feet were a tad on the tender side by the end of the night, but didn’t require shoe-removal or piggy-backing which is usually the case. I opted to use the pads that cushion the ball of the foot (left) and they certainly took the edge off. I was also surprised at how broad the range is, this is what’s available to suit ladies (and gentlemen I guess) with shoes of all shapes and sizes:

  1. Inbetween toe
  2. Anti-slip
  3. Heel cushions
  4. Heel liners
  5. Mini cushions
  6. Ball-of-foot cushions
  7. Strap liners


I’m giving away 10 Kiwi Smiling Feet hampers which comprise the full range of gel cushions, all you need to do is e-mail (or comment below) and tell me about a special event coming up that you feel is the perfect opportunity to donne your Kiwi Smiling Feet and transform your heels into slippers.

Available at Pick n’ Pay and Checkers for R24.99.

brandslut xoxo


    1. The Kylie Minogue concert will be the perfect place for me to wear my heels, party all night and not have tired, unhappy feet.

    1. Its my birthday soon and I am dying to wear some killer boots and I know Kiwi will definitely keep my feet smiling :)

    1. I’m celebrating my 30th birthday soon and I have 3 fabulous parties planned to celebrate 3 awesome decades. Needless to say, it was an excuse to buy a pair of sexy heels!

    1. Do I really need an occasion to wear heels?
      Needless to say, I’m sorta vertically challenged…

    1. My friend’s graduation party is coming up and I’m MC’ing the night!I just bought a pair of heels that go perfectly with my dress. I never wear heels, but this is a special occasion, everyone will be looking at me, so I need my feet not to hurt halfway through the night!I know Kiwi Smiling Feet will help me avoid any aches and pains!

    1. i am not writing this to win cos karen has already won but i simply cannot beleive this. yesterday my feet were so cold cos stingy crowd at work make us work in victorian conditions. i wore thick stockings and boots and my toes got SO squashed. I thought I need a cushion pad btwn my toes how i wish someone had invinted it! I thought about this all last night and this am and then i checked your website yay! best thing is i work near a checkers. cant wait to try it!

    1. i have no special place to go but my toes, heels need the cushions, liners and straps. This will make my sore feet smile all the way to work and back.
      They is nothing like happy, smilling feet!!

      1. Hi Karen, unfortunately this competition is over. We have an Aura Skincare giveaway up at the moment – do enter!

        brandslut xoxo

    1. welllll…:) exams will be over soon and im already planning an epic night of celebration in my new killer heel boots>.and this time I want to wear them for more then two hours and I know Kiwi smilling feet will help me out

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