Maybe It’s Your Breath

I love Clorets’ recent ‘Maybe It’s Your Breath‘ tactical campaign that took advantage of DVD covers and posters of well-known rom-com titles including Never Been Kissed, He’s Just Not That Into You and The 40 Year-Old Virgin. We feel for these characters, we cringe for them, after all, it’s not their fault they suck at finding love/sex/marriage. Or is it? Perhaps it’s their rank breath that prevented them from getting laid. Enter Clorets Eliminator. The campaign hints that perhaps the outcome of the films would have been different if the lead character’s breath had been better [because he/she’d chewed Clorets]. This humour completely appeals to me and I think the campaign is great, however it reeks of advertising that’s seeking purely to win an award but was never actually exposed to anyone. I hope I’m wrong.

brandslut xoxo

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