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Four Play

For a few weeks now I’ve been receiving communication and goodies from an unknown brand, marked only with an orange griffin and The culprits have finally revealed themselves as the newly rebranded Power Play, by Coca-Cola. Play has a special place in my heart because I worked for them in Matric and had some awesome times cruising the Garden Route in my Chrysler PT Cruiser, recruiting holiday-makers to attend the Play Comedy Road-Shows with a loudhailer. Good times.

“The Griffin is a combination of an eagle and a lion – the kings of the sky and earth. Both are symbols of ultimate strength and creativity. This, together with the original Power Play taste, will give you the courage to free yourself from the expected; to be seen, to live and to do the extraordinary, no matter your circumstances. You then have no choice but to follow a new life philosophy: free yourself to achieve.”

Watch the new TVC below:



What do you think? I think this category is becoming a little over-traded in the ‘wings’ department. But hey, that’s just me. Thank you Play for the four-pack – my weekend just got more awesome.

brandslut xoxo


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