No Regret Friday



“No Regret Friday is a movement that has been created to encourage South Africans to think responsibly about drinking and driving Live life to the fullest but ’Regret Nothing’. This is a place where you can read real stories from people who have been affected by drinking and driving; perhaps they’ve lost a loved one, had a close call or made a smart decision and got home safely. Check out their personal accounts, you’ll probably recognise some of the situations (and people) and perhaps you’ll be inspired to share your own experience with others.

You may have been affected by drinking and driving, or perhaps you made a smart choice to get home safely and that has changed your behaviour, it doesn’t matter how short or long your story is, everyone has one and we’re interested in hearing it. Submit your story (we respect your privacy and you can choose to remain anonymous.)

If you don’t have a story to submit then join the No Regret Friday movement anyway and take a stand – by clicking here to pledge your support of the No Regret Friday movement – encourage your friends to do the same.”

Great movement SAB. Click here to pledge your support like I’ve done. And here to subscribe to Good Fellas so that you don’t become a statistic.

Keep it sexy, keep it limber, and keep it sober whilst driving, y’all.

brandslut xoxo


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