My Marvellous Mary

I’m on a bit of a health mission at the moment and recently bought myself a juicer from Russell Hobbs. Their website is useless and doesn’t list many products at all, but if you can get your paws on one you’re in for a treat (I purchased mine at Woolies in Melrose Arch). It’s a really great product, affordable, and most importantly quiet (my friends’ juicers scream and it’s a rather unpleasant experience, not entirely conducive to getting the day of to a zen start).

I’ve only mastered two variants, one naughty, one nice, but I think you’ll like ’em:

1. Fresh Bloody Mary: fresh whole tomatoes, spice and horseradish garnished with home-grown celery [vodka optional ;) ]

2. The Marcus (inspired by a friend): beetroot, pear, carrot, ginger and chilli

I hope you feel inspired.

brandslut xoxo


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