Thrift Thursday

Now, whilst I’m a lover of all things brand, I’m equally a fan of all things anti-brand, thrift and consumer conscious. Check out Jessi Arrington’s inspirational talk on the matter for TED, “Wearing Nothing New“:


Let’s celebrate #ThriftThursday this week and see if it spreads.

brandslut xoxo


    1. I love what she says about it being physiologically impossible to be in a bad mood whilst wearing bright red pants. I have some, too, and she is on the money! The same goes for what she says about wearing something totally unique – it is way more satisfying than walking into a chain store and selecting your size in a style that thousands of other people in the country will also soon be wearing.

      Thanks for sharing this link. Vintage lovers unite!


      1. No problem, kindred spirit. I too own bright red pants and this has inspired me to dust ’em off and bust ’em out. Perhaps we should bust them out together, what do you think? Thanks for the comment and embracing vintage, let’s spread #ThriftThursday xoxo

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