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A while ago I blogged about SAB’s great new initiative, No Regret Friday. With all the fun and festivity surrounding the Rugby World Cup, I thought I should share the video [above]. A little wake-up call, if you will. The kind folk at SAB have offered a Good Fellas Smarty 25 subscription to one lucky Brandslut reader. All you need to do is comment on this post by Friday, telling me how drinking and driving has affected your life. You can write this anonymously if you’d like, just be sure to include your correct e-mail address so I can contact you if you’ve won – this won’t be displayed. Easy peasy lemon squeasy. No Regret Friday would like to use these testimonials on their website to drive home this important message. See what I did there?

Let’s make every day No Regret Day. Don’t drink and drive. Ever.

Keep it safe and sexy y’all.

brandslut xoxo


    1. I’ve seen the silly things my friends have done while drinking and driving and I make a point of not drinking when I have to drive myself home. So far my friends have had a few minor accidents where they’ve ramped the pavement and damaged their wheels, etc but nothing serious – yet! I worry that one day they won’t be so lucky.

      1. I had a bad experience about 10 years ago. I was caught drunk driving after I had crashed into a Chub security vehicle as I failed to stop at a stop street because I was more concerned about my friend who had passed out in the front seat then seeing where I was. Being a Chub vehicle at first sounds like the worst thing you could crash into because they called the cops IMMEDIATELY but I think it was a little blessing because he did not have a passenger in the car. If he did my story would be a very different one, and I quite possibly would not be sitting here being able to tell it.

        After paying hospital bills, in and out of court and remorseful apologies I decided to run to England where drinking and driving was impossible (and public transport abundant) still to this day I see how my friends and family look at me when I drive – they are worried I might just slip up again and this time not be as lucky…..It’s a gamble that no one should be willing to take.

    1. Im not a big drinker, I never was, and even less now.

      This story however riddled with Cliche’s changed my entire life. It all started (as any story worth telling does) with those famous last words “No man, I’m fine to drive”. And I was, well, I thought I was, I still kinda think I was. The traffic officer who pulled me over for doing 75 in a 60 zone kinda didn’t.

      I had had 5 beers, I lied and told him 2, but even so, I had been “pacing” myself the whole night so…you know. “I’m going to ask you to blow in here” he said in a thick South African accent “if you are over the legal limit, you will be arrested. Do you understand?” I’ll never forget how cocky I was, the ol S’african invincibility attitude, it vanished quickly when I realised I was .02 over the legal limit. Sure I could walk a straight line, sing the alphabet backwards, pat my head and rub my tummy at the same time. But this guy, wasn’t having any of it.

      “How can we work this out?” I asked. Obviously. I had barely reached for my wallet when I found my self being dragged into the back of the van, not gently. I was now being arrested for drunken driving and bribing an officer of the law. What?

      Nothing, and I mean NOTHING, can ever prepare you for a night in Jail. Nothing. You just get thrown in with everyone else who happened to be there on a Thursday night. No, I have no idea what they were in for, I didn’t ask, I barely even looked at anyone.

      It’s not the fact that I walked out with a lot less than I walked in with, (like my TAG HEUER watch a 21st Birthday present from my late father), It wasn’t the “lost” personal possessions that bothered me. it was the 9hours of non stop adrenalin and shaking from head to toe that bothered me. Nothing actually happened to me in the end, and sure it could of been a lot worse, but imagine counting down every minute praying nothing happens. 9hours!

      So in the end 5 beers cost me alot more than the R90 bar bill. It cost me my entire future. I was in the process of applying for a green card with the sponsorship of a great agency in Chicago, but there are no green cards for criminals. There are no visas either, for anywhere.

      Definitely not worth the 5 beers.

      Never again. NEVER.

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