Charly’s Cake Angels

If you’ve lived in Cape Town you’ll understand what all the fuss is about. Charly’s Bakery on Canterbury Street is an institution. Their cakes are so good that my Jozi-based friends fly their cakes up from Charly’s, enter l’iPhone cake for Amanda‘s birthday:

I know, right?!

Charly’s Bakery and Cooked in Africa launched a 13-part reality series on SABC 3 on October 1st. The show follows mom Jacqui and her daughters behind-the-scenes as they create sponge-centred masterpieces. Catch Charly’s Cake Angels every Saturday at 4PM on SABC 3. I’m so proud to see a South African institution like Charly’s getting the recognition and air-time it deserves. All we need now is a satellite bakery in Johannesburg and my life will be complete.


“Charly’s Cake Angels is carefully constructed to show the depth of the various cake characters – proof that South Africa really does have the TV production talent to make great reality television. Charly’s Cake Angels has just the right sprinkling of drama, mixed with quality ingredients like fascinating characters, jaw-dropping challenges and some self-referential humour. Perhaps the most striking thing of Charly’s Cake Angels is the colour. Almost painfully so. The sheer amount of creative work, an abundance of cakes in vivid rainbow colours, magical creations created over many hours that will be destroyed and that you know will be completely consumed, is almost too much to take in. Then there’s the delicious dynamic sure to be explored further in upcoming episodes between mom Jacqui and her daughters who all work in this crazy cake castle. The camera work from Cooked in Africa Films, and the editing, gives a clear sense that it’s expertise at work in skillfully filming and portraying both food as well as people, once again mixing these two ingredients to create a very visually revealing story of very high quality.” Thinus Ferriera

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