Luella Hidden Heels

I’ve just stumbled upon the Luella #HIDDENHEELS campaign and if, like me, you’re not scared of heels, or winning a year’s worth of them, you might want to enter this…

“Luella is sending you on a search for our #HIDDENHEELS. Each week, starting from the 26thof October, we will be sending you a clue via Twitter and you will have to find the answer to the clue. By finding all 4 answers you stand in line to win a year’s supply of shoes worth R12,000 (think of all the wedges, sandals, stilettos and  boots you could get over the next year!)

Step 1: Follow @LuellaShoes on Twitter

Step 2: Keep a look out for the weekly clue- there will be a new clue each week starting from the 26thOctober.

Step 3: Find the answer to the weekly clue. It may be hidden in a physical location or on a blog or website. Tweet @LuellaShoes with your answer as soon as you find it.

Step 4: If your answer is correct, we will DM you a pin back. Make sure you save these pins in a safe place as you will need all 4 pins to be able to win the grand prize.

(Please note, pins will only be sent during office hours. If you send us your answers in the evening expect a response first thing in the morning or on Monday if it’s over the weekend)

Step 5. At the end of the 4 weeks, email us your 4 pins with your full name, Twitter handle, telephone number and email address. Email us at

Step 6. Keep checking the Luella style blog for spot prizes and hints. Competition ends 23rdNovember.

Don’t worry if you joined the search a little late, you can find all the clues on Twitter. Simply search for #LuellaClue1, #LuellaClue2, #LuellaClue3 and #LuellaClue4 on Twitter and you will find all the clues that we have sent out. The answers will be available to you for the full 4 weeks to find.”

Actually. Don’t enter. This is a cr*p competition ;)

brandslut xoxo

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