Zara Launches in SA.

If you follow me on twitter you’ll have an idea of how excited I’ve been about this launch. I’ve been a Zara fan for years, relying on overseas trips and travelling friends to get my fix. And then I heard whispers of a launch in South Africa early in the year. Rubbish, I thought. Another retail rumour to get our hopes up. But I was wrong, and Zara launched in Johannesburg today, the group’s 80th store, and one Inditex (Zara’s holding group) is extremely proud of. Launched in A Coruna Spain in 1975, the group has come a long way to be hailed by Harvard Business School as the retail model to emulate. A walk around the 2700 square meter space in the new Sandton City wing and you’ll understand why. From a merchandising, ranging, layout and design perspective, South Africa ain’t seen nothing like this. And the million Dollar question’s answer: it’s pricing model matches Europe’s. So no inflated poncy pricing out of our reach. This stuff is accessible, gorgeous, current. Don’t even get me started on the mens’ range. I look forward to an improvement in the dress sense of the average South African male. After all, there’s no excuse for him not to look steamy. Here are some photos I took at the launch last night, enjoy…

Now all we need is IKEA.

brandslut xoxo


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