Consol Solar Jar

Pretty efficient. See what I did there?

I’ve recently moved and spent the weekend playing house-house in my gorgeous new flat. I guess I played flat-flat then. Anyhoo. The back-end of last year was somewhat of a nightmare, as you can tell by the sheer lack of commitment to my poor little bloglet from November onwards and most of my life remained in boxes until this weekend. One such item that remained unpacked and unopened was a fabulous gift from the kind folk at Consol. When I received it last year I thought it was simply a jar with a thank-you note inside. I couldn’t have been more wrong.

The Consol Solar Jar

Enter the Consol Solar Jar, launched in November 2011 and designed locally.

“The lid mechanism of the 1 litre Consol Classic jar has been fitted with solar-powered LED lights and the top boasts solar panelling that, when placed in the sunlight, powers the LED batteries. The solar-powered jar offers almost 6 hours of light before it needs to be recharged in the sun. The product contains a switch so that the light can be controlled when required. The jar received the Special Recognition Award at the 2011 Institute of Packaging SA Gold Pack Awards.”

I tested it out on Friday night and was amazed by both the duration of light provided as well as the intensity. I also hadn’t charged mine in the sun, but placed it beneath a light in my kitchen for a while to charge. I’m super impressed and will certainly be making a trip to Consol to buy a stash for future outdoor dinner parties and the like. Oh, the joy of never having to buy another bloody tea-light candle or deal with the wind blowing them out.

These Bad Boys retail at R120 incl. VAT and can be purchased here.

Here’s to a happy, healthy and efficient 2012.

brandslut xoxo

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