Booze, er, Book Club.

On Thursday I hosted the first Book Club of 2012. You see, the kind folk at Smirnoff sent me some of their new Ruby Orange and Cranberry Vodka Premix to try and I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to share it with my lady guys. I had visions of a beautiful table set in the garden, the warm February air, sun-downers and all things pretty. I set the table before work so that the evening would be stress-free. Ja. Not so much. A panicked phone call from my house-mate at 5PM revealed that the heavens had opened up over our house Johannesburg and she was doing a mad dash home to move everything inside. I was bleak, but couldn’t help but laugh at the hilarity of it all, ourselves included, drenched and heavy-lifting to recreate the scene inside.

It all looked gorgeous in the end and we had a grand old time, cocktail-induced bun-fights over books and all. It seems I left my photographic skills outside in rain and my gourmet-burger shots make them look like anything but. They were delicious though, as were the Smirnoff cocktails we were sponsored. The winner was Ruby Orange as it wasn’t as sweet as the Cranberry, but both are fab. The product is such a win with the little tap, perfect for picnics, beaching and, well any get-together really…

Thank you Brandhouse for spoiling us, we’re always available for sampling ;) Follow Smirnoff on facebook here.

brandslut xoxo

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