Marie Claire: The Naked Issue

I’m a big fan of Marie Claire and an even bigger fan of The Naked Issue. As my dear friend Mike Sharman, who’s also featured in the March issue says, “Life’s short. Play naked!”. Best. Motto. Ever. Okay, smut aside, this year’s campaign is the stuff goosebumps are made of. Or at least that’s how I felt watching this >



“This campaign allows celebs to feel the vulnerability a burn survivor feels all their life by baring all for all to see,” says Burn Foundation Southern Africa Executive Director Bianca Annandale. “Scars are never just skin deep, they imprint on our psyches as well, but that does not change the fact that beneath the scars there is a person like everyone else. This campaign will hopefully raise awareness that we should not allow our perceptions to be taken at face value, we should take a few moments to look further and see one another for who we are and not as we look.”

Follow the Burn Foundation on twitter and facebook. And the twitter hash-tag is #MCNaked

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