Cosmopolitan Polished

I arrived home from an incredible trip to New York and Dubai to a sexy red Revlon package on my desk. It had been taunting my [fun fearless] female colleagues whilst I was away and I think they were more excited to see me open it than for my return. I don’t blame them. Courtesy of Cosmopolitan magazine and Revlon, I was spoilt rotten with a heap of nail enamels, 60 Seconds Quick Dry Spray, Calcium Gel Nail Hardener, Cuticle Massage Moisture Cream and Revlon De-Aging Hand Cream with SPF 10, in aid of the April Polished spread in Cosmopolitan, 14 pages of all things nails. Lucky, lucky girl!

This couldn’t have arrived at a better time, my hands and nails took a pounding overseas and are in dire need of some love.

Thank you Cosmo and Revlon, you’ve played out of your heels!

brandslut xoxo

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