About a month ago I was sent a link to a YouTube cover of Bon Iver’s Skinny Love by Birdy, a 15 year old named Jasmine Van Den Bogaerde from New Forest, England. I thought her voice was beautiful and haunting, way beyond her years. This week I received some new releases from the kind folk at Warner Music Gallo Africa and was elated to find Birdy in the mix. Her debut album was released this month and it’s a goodie. Comprising mainly of covers including the XX, Postal Service, The Naked and Famous, The National and Phoenix, the album is said to be ‘an introduction to her style’, buying her some time to finish her GCSEs and write her own songs.

These are two of my favs…



Her album’s available for download now at Look & Listen, well worth it in my opinion.

Happy listening,

brandslut xoxo

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