Should Malls Be Allowed To Sell Counterfeit Goods?

I spent some time trawling the new Nicolway shopping centre in Bryanston recently and made a rather startling discovery, the hand-bag above. This is a fake, an illegal rip-off of the Mulberry Bayswater. I know this because the branding on the leather swing-tag is wrong, as is the logo, colour and very obviously, the price. Not to mention the fact that Mulberry has no distribution clannels in South Africa. Sempre is selling this Mulberry knock-off, and a heap of others, at discount prices. Now, I’m no expert in the field of counterfeit, but something about this feels wrong. Especially given the fact these bags are being sold in a new high-end mall.

What are your thoughts? Is this legal? Let me know.

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    1. Not legal at all but its something Mulberry have to fight off with brand protection officers at the point of entry into our country and up to us as consumers to know better and not make that purchase!

    1. Definitely not – and the shopping malls are obligated to ensure that products sold on their premises is of authentic nature and not illegal in any way. During my fashion retail years, when fighting counterfeits, my first port of call was always the shopping mall owners/management – they make sure that the product is removed from the store immediately and, dependent on their contract with the store, they could fine the store owner. Sadly, people aren’t too clued up on topics such as this one (branding/counterfeiting/fakes), so perhaps someone should just bring it to their attention and they’d do all that they can to remove and punish Sempre. It’s terrible how many fakes are so openly sold in SA and so unfair to hardworking brand owners.

    1. and here I thought that malls were safe. I do think that there are tons of fake goods at ’boutiques’ and people seem to trust them so much more than shops out of malls. it just means they can charge more for their fake goods.


    1. Of course its illegal.Vendors selling knockoffs on the streets are arrested and charged. But I am not sure if its the legal duty of the mall to investigate and know the products of every store.

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