Chipotle’s Back to the Start

I first heard about Chipotle in March. Gearing up for my debut trip to New York this year, my Plus One recommended some must-do’s, Chipotle being one of them. One night my friend and I decided to stay indoors for Homeland and red wine, we nipped to our local Chipotle to give the renowned socially responsible ‘food with integrity’ Tex Mex joint a bash. Holy chilli poppers Batman, we were impressed! Best and biggest burrito I’ve ever had. The guacamole is so good you’ll want to smear it on your face.

This year at Cannes Chipotle won Grand Prix in the branded content and entertainment category for this, Back to the Start, featuring Willie Nelson’s cover of Coldplay’s The Scientist. This is the stuff goose-bumps are made of. It’s not new, and creative circles will be au fait with it, but for those of you who haven’t had the privilege of watching it yet, give it a whirl!


And here’s the back-story and results from the agency responsible for it, Creative Artists Agency in L.A. 



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