Gelish. It’ll Change Your Life, Ladies.

My Monthly Gelish Pamper Session With Annie

I was introduced to Gelish about 6 months ago, I can’t remember how, but this stuff’s a life, time and money saver. I have the knack of chipping regular nail polish in a day and it drives me crazy. You spend R200 on a manicure and the next day it’s ruined, very frustrating. I’m a hands-on person and I’m on the computer a lot so I need something, well, indestructible. Enter Gelish by Nail Harmony.

The product sets within 30 seconds under a UV light, and soaks off in 15 minutes. My Gelish manicure lasts for about 3 weeks with no chipping or peeling, and when it starts to grow out I fill in the gaps with a regular polish in a similar or darker shade to extend it for another week. I’m not sure how or why, but my nails underneath are stronger than they’ve ever been. I’ve got those nails that bend and break and are generally pathetic. I asked Annie, my nail-technician at Sorbet Parktown North about this, and she said she’s had a lot of customers with similar results. It’s a win-win situation really, at least in my experience. A Gelish manicure at Sorbet costs from R185 upwards, depending on the fanciness of the treatment you’re after. 

The Gelish colour range is growing too which is great, check out these Candy Land lovelies for the summertime…


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    1. Gelish is awesome, but i have recently discovered an even brighter gem… Shellac. It’s very similar to Gelish, except that it is much easier to soak off, and there is absolutely NO buffing required. I had mine done at L’Ongle Spa in Melrose Arch, and i am definitely sold :)

    1. This product is amazing! I’m a professional nail tech and I’ve managed to transition all my clients to this product. I’ve been using this product for about a year now and just recently upgraded to the new 18G LED lamp. Now I’m dying to try out their Gel Nail enhancements!

    1. This stuff is magical I’ve been an addict for 2 years now you just don’t look at normal nail polish the same again. And yes it does strengthen and harden the nail

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