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On Sunday I went to the premiere of Skyfall in Cape town, courtesy of Coke Zero. It was a great night out, think martinis, Long Island iced teas, silver petit fours (Diamonds are Forever) and some silliness in true Bond fashion. Upon arrival we were given a card to write our chosen Bond/Bond Girl name onto. There would be prizes for the best and most original names. The lovely Leigh of Lipgloss is my Life walked away with an iPod Nano for hers, Leigh Lovelace. And I somehow managed the same with, wait for it…

Miss Monkeypants

I thought it was pretty funny, but didn’t think anyone would share my sense of humour. Thank you Coke Zero, you guys are biscuits and that prize is incredible. I’ve had the original iPod Mini (you know the one, pink, more maxi than mini) for 10 years and it finally gave up the ghost (or goat, if you prefer) a few months ago. So thank you Coke, Christmas sure did come early!

I thoroughly enjoyed Skyfall. The opening credits are mind-blowing, bizarre. I’m not a Daniel Craig fan but he grew on me this time. The product placement is a little forced (the Heineken in bed, for example), but the skop, skiet en donner scenes are epic and remotely believable.  Oh, and did I mention a blond Javier Bardem as Raoul Silva, the meany-pants and ultimate creepy bad guy? Javier does evil so well. Here’s how Coke Zero brought Skyfall to life through an activation in the US last month. Power.


Reading the comments on YouTube is interesting, with trolls calling it out as ‘a fake’. There will always be a degree of falseness to these made-to-go-viral productions. The point is it’s had 9 million views and counting. Brand objective achieved, whether it’s a fake or not. 

And if you haven’t yet heard Adele’s Skyfall theme tune, give this a whirl…


brandslut xoxo

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