Lady Gaga Live in Cape Town

I woke up yesterday morning singing Marry the Night and haven’t been able to get it out of my head. I’m whistling it as I write this. I was one of 55 000 lucky little Monsters who got to witness Lady Gaga in all her glory in Cape Town on Monday night, the experience of a lifetime. The Born This Way Ball show is without question the best live performance I’ve seen and I hope I get the opportunity to see her again. What was even more powerful was her ability to get South Africans to dress up, let their guards down and come together. The walk along the fan-walk to the stadium was truly something to behold. As was Lady Gaga being born onto stage via a giant vagina.  Props to 4th Street Wines for handing out thousands of pink Lady Gaga inspired wigs, these went down a treat and I’ve even got a photo of my father and brother in these. Below are some photographs I took, as well as a video of Gaga and the fans she pulled up on stage doing Born this Way in Cape Town. Oh, and I’ve included 12 year old Greyson Chance doing his cover of Paparazzi at a school concert. It’s just too good. 


Much Excitement in the Lift
Little Fashion Monsters
Our Hosts for the Night, 4th Street Wines
Born This Way Ball Stage


 brandslut xoxo


    1. Heads up, “a capella” means completely without accompaniment. That wasn’t a capella. Carry on, otherwise :)

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