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SodaStream_LineupLast week I attended the Cape Town leg of the global SodaStream Source launch tour, Soda Bar, which coincided neatly with Design Indaba. I’ll be honest, when I received the invitation memories of the Goonies, Pac-Man and the BeDazzler flooded in. I mean, I hadn’t seen a SodaStream machine since the 80’s and I was surprised it was back. Perhaps it was before its time, but it’s back with a vengeance and some serious credentials, far better suited to life in 2013. At least in my opinion, anyway. 


These are some pictures from the event held at the mind-blowing Daylight Studio on Bree Street. The Soda Bar launch tour recently visited Milan, New York and London, and all event props were reused and recycled along the way, which is a core theme to the brand today. SodaStream aims to reduce landfill and carbon emissions caused by plastic bottles. They say one SodaStream machine will reduce landfill by 550 plastic bottle per household per annum. That’s a lot of bottles, when you think about it. 


The SodaStream Source, designed by sustainability advocate Yves Béhar, borrows cues from Nespresso. Yves’ previous collaborations include brands such as Puma, Swarovski, MINI, Issey Miyake and GE. It’s certainly not an appliance you’ll want to hide away, and comes in a range of colours; white, red, blue and black. Here’s a short video of the machine in action, including the pods which come in flavours like tonic, grapefruit, ginger beer, lemon lime and more. They’re also completely biodegradable and apparently low in calories. 

[youtube width=”600″ height=”486″][/youtube]

But wait, there’s more! I’m giving one of these Bad Boys away. All you need to do is comment on this blog post, telling me what kind of soda you’re most looking forward to making with your new SodaStream Source machine. Please be sure to submit your e-mail address so I can contact you if you’ve won, and no, it won’t be displayed. I’ll announce the lucky winner on Friday March 15th 2013. Fingers crossed!

Alternately, you can buy one of these fantastic machines online soon by clicking here

brandslut xoxo


    1. Wow- too excited – my mind goes straight to endless cocktail options – moitio madnrssss

    1. Misha… you make a damn good Gin & Tonic,
      so I trust you on this one.

      Also, can one soda-fy straight rum? I’m asking for a friend.

    1. This machine brings back so many memories from my childhood! I love this “nespresso” style design, so easy for the kids to use!! Can’t wait to play with it :)

    1. Please pick me! My old SodaStream broke a few months ago, and I’m lost without it! I love their fruit syrup flavours, but even just plain old carbonated water is great for a good old white wine spritzer :)

    1. Hey Mich

      I inherited my parents 20~something year old SodaStream a few years ago. Still working its magic and making only the bulliest of soda water for my dops. Designed like the original Macintosh, it didn’t quite last into the new green age of beautifully designed environmentally friendly appliances.

      What a treat now to be able to make ginger beer and tonic flavored soda for the gin – all heavy hitters on my shopping list, and be saving the environment at the same time. Pick me!


    1. Growing up my best flavor was the cola or the iron brew mixes. This machine was crucial as s childhood competitions or challenges revolved around a soda stream as the prize. Now I’m most excited about tonic or soda water to make those gins and whiskey taste much better

    1. Very smart move by Soda Stream. I believe the future is in in-house water filtration systems, but actually didn’t consider a machine like this until now. Will curb my shop bought sparkling water habit. Are the bottles glass? That is even more fantastic!

    1. I am going to have some real fun with making drinks for every and any occasion! With the new SodaStream Source machine I can make my own special flavour combinations. I have invented my own recipes, so I thought I will share a few with you.
      Strawberry Margarita:

      • Lime or Lemon Wedges
      • Raw Sugar
      • Strawberries
      • Ice
      • Tequila
      • Cointreau
      • SodaStream Night Spirit Margarita Flavour

      Instructions: Slide a lime or lemon wedge around the rim of a cocktail glass and dip it in raw sugar,
      Muddle 2 Strawberries in a shaker,
      Fill shaker with ice, Add 60 ml of tequila and 30 ml of Cointreau (or omit them for the virgin version),
      Shake the shaker about 10 times and strain into the glass,
      Top the drink with 60ml of Night Spirit Margarita flavoured drink made with the SodaStream Drinks Maker,
      Stir well using a long spoon,
      Garnish with a strawberry and a wedge of lime!

      You can even blend strawberries, ice, Night Spirit Margarita Concentrate, and alcohol if you wish to make a delicious frozen version!



      Pomegranate Cosmopolitan:

      • 45ml Vodka (a citrus flavored vodka is even better)
      • 30ml Cointreau or Triple Sec
      • 45ml Pomegranate Juice
      • Ice
      • 45ml SodaStream Night Spirit Cosmopolitan Flavour
      • Lemon Peel or pomegranate seeds to garnish

      Instructions: Shake the Vodka, Cointreau and Pomegranate Juice with ice,
      Add the SodaStream Cosmopolitan made with the SodaStream Drinks Maker into the shaker and stir a few times,
      Strain into a chilled martini glass,
      Garnish with a lemon peel or a spoon of pomegranate seeds.

      Bon appetit!

    1. Oh my word, I’m in the wine industry and I NEED a soba stream, 60 better for you soba flavours. Creme Soba would be my favourite favourite,. Imagine awaking from a evening of “work”, dry mouthed, cottonball brains, and you can make your own Creme Soba, winning!

      Feel like Champagne, but only have Chardonnay! Not a problem.

      Doing the Put Foot Rally and need Tonic Water to keep the mozzies away, guess who has a SodaStream. This guy!

    1. OMG is this awesome or what. First it makes you awesome cocktails, then it repairs you in the moaning! That Raspberry looks like it would kill any thirst :)

    1. This brings back SO many childhood memories!! I love the new ‘Nespressoesque’ design and so easy for the kids to use! Dying to try Lemon and Lime and Gingerbeer… perfect for any cocktail combo!!!

    1. G&T. No question.
      That and I am somehow going to make my own root beer. Spending a damn fortune on Frankies!

    1. Cannot wait to try a low cal SodaStream G&T ;) need this for my new apartment where I serve endless dops! :)

    1. Oh MY WORD!!!!

      Can you say Cherry!!!

      Imagine! A little cherry vodka watching the sun set!

      Its what dreams are made of.

      And that stunning sleek design would suite my kitchen down to a TEE!

    1. I’m totally addicted to sparkling water-so will be an absolute bonus to make my own at home-and will definitely reduce the bottles i throw away!!! looking forward to trying the tonic for my gin and lemon and lime flavour for the next day :)

      1. Congratulations Candice! You’re the lucky winner of the super awesome new SodaStream source machine! Happy soda, tonic and lemon & lime soda making :)

        brandslut xoxo

    1. Easy…

      Tonic with a tot of gin and a slice of lemon…
      Grapefruit with a tot of Gin…
      Lemon and lime with a tot of….. you guessed it…. Vodka!!

      Easy, practical, Delish cocktails…

    1. I would love this new modern SodaStream machine, for those hard mornings after n nights of partying, when all you need is green cold drink… Therefore CremeSoda would definitely be my flavor of choice!

    1. Ginger beer for sure, love this – the cold drink version of nespresso! Harder choice would be what colour to go for. Pick me :)

    1. Having your own Soda Stream to have an endless supply of tonic water to go with the bottle of gin that is always in the cupboard- winner!

    1. Where do i begin…

      Picture the scene, Saturday 1pm. 32 degrees. Braai sizzling. Pool sparkling. Mooiness everywhere.

      Time for that first Mojito.

      Lime, check. Brown sugar, check. Ice, check. Bacardi, check. Soda… WHO FORGOT THE SODA!!!!!???

      Day ruined?

      No! Thanks to my Sodastream Source and the gentle caress off it’s gas blowing, we have the perfect soda, the ultimate flavour that goes with everything!

      3 Mojito’s in and its time to put some GAS in the engine.. Lets’s summerfy these Mojito’s Cape Town style.

      Cabinet opens revealing the array of beuaty, that are the SodaCaps & Syrup!

      First up, the The Hyperjito. Mojito with Sodastream Energy Extreme syrup!
      Next, the choice of the mooiness, The Chicjito. Mojito and a Strawberry Sodacap!

      With some food in us and a few lengths of the pool, its time to end the day off with the Piste de resistance, the one drink that make you remember the entire experience… Mooiness & Mooimen, introducing…

      The Fizzi Appletini! A martini, with the soft, sensual bubbles and flavours of a Apple SodaCap and Sodastream Source.

      I look forward to hosting you all soon.

      The Br(Man)d Slut Lover!

    1. I cant wait to try the lemon and lime flavour. That video made my mouth water!

      I am currently using my old soda stream bottle as my gym bottle, cant say goodbye, #inlove!




    1. I’ll make a strawberry soda, and add fresh lemon wedges, fresh strawberries and mint, for a refreshing drink!

    1. I’ll definately be making lots of tonic. I’m moving house soon and I’m going to need something to mix with the copious amounts of gin that’s going to get me through all the unpacking!

    1. I cant wait for the Cranberry Raspberry Lite. I can already smell the yummy cocktails I am going to be making.

    1. Oooh I am definitely all about trying that lemon lime ice cold drink. I think it would be amazing and I would LOVE to get my hands on one of these guys!

    1. If I said any flavour other than Lemon & Lime, I’d be lying.

      Also, I’d like mine to be red, please. And by that I mean any colour it happens to come in, the freebie that will be my Sodastream Dream Machine.


    1. So happy it’s back… I remember all the cool kids had one back in the 90s!
      I’d like to be a cool kid today with one of these bad boys! I’d have to go for good ol’ creme soda! Classic and my inner child would be happy!

    1. Well like most of the ladies above I would also use it for a more adult take – Making cocktails or even just a gin and tonic with a twist!

      I remember as a kid how amazing these seemed and how after an exhausting day playing my friends and I would have a refreshing soda stream drink.

      Now after an exhausting day working I too can have a refreshing soda stream drink just with an added splash of vodka…rum…gin…okay its been a long day!!

    1. hello there,

      Give me tonic syrup any day of the week so i can make me some gin and tonics until the imaginary cows come home. Yum.


    1. GRAPEFRUIT SODA??? be still my aching heart. Oh my word that is the BEST news!

      Also, would be wonderful to have some creme “sober” on tap for those painful Sundays ;)

    1. Gosh, this brings back many childhood memories of holding down that button in anticipation of the loud farting noise! Hopefully that has been improved, along with the beautiful design.

      Favourite flavour is definitely creme soda – for those mornings after too many G&T’s!

    1. This beauty looks absolutely glorious! I grew up with soda stream and would love love love to own one. Those flavours look incredible but I’d have to say that the lemon-lime looks the best! I’m definitely a lime and soda, wine and soda, mojito with soda gal so this would be an absolute treat to own!

      Crossing fingers and thinking bubbly thoughts :)

    1. Awesome giveaway. Would have to be lemon and lime…also love soda water so would be using it all day:)

    1. Want! I see never-ending rivers of tonic water in my future, for washing down my gin and lemon ;-)

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