JanSport Launches in South Africa

I spent a number of years in the US growing up and school there was synonymous with a few things:

  1. Repeating the word chimpanzee to amuse my American friends with my ‘funny accent’
  2. Praying for snow days so we could spend the day out of class and playing ice-hockey on the lake
  3. JanSport backpacks

I was pretty excited when JanSport contacted me recently to let me know they’ve launched in South Africa and will be available via A-Store (Cape Town) and Due South stores nationwide. The brand launched in Seattle in 1967 by manufacturing world-class outdoor backpacks. Today the product offering includes technical outdoor gear, day-packs, travel gear and collegiate decorated apparel, sold in sporting goods stores, college bookstores, department stores and specialty and boutique retail locations throughout the world. The JanSport team kindly sent me this backpack, a nice change to my repertoire of  all things black and grey. 

IMG_5515 IMG_5518 IMG_5520 IMG_5524

There are 5 backpacks up for grabs, click here to view the full range and enter. Competition closes on March 28th 2013. 

brandslut xoxo


    1. Oh My Happy Monday!! You just took a Blue Monday and made it SO colorful!! I also stayed in America for a year so I am beyond delighted that this amazing brand has hit our shores! It’s definitely going to revolutionize back packs in SA! Yay!!

      Sign me up, pick me and please give me a little piece of America! ;0)

      Haha! Love ur chimpanzee story!!

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