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A year ago I experienced Enmasse for the first time when it opened its doors in Johannesburg. As a thank you for the review I did for them, and the subsequent traffic from said blog post, the Enmasse team in Cape Town treated me to a spot of pampering recently. But before I get into it, they’ve offered you a spot of pampering too, so be sure to read on. The Enmasse massage experience is truly unique, and you’ll understand what I mean the minute you enter its doors. Dark walls, dimly lit with pops of neon and orange, a stark contrast to the white linen you change into and the beds and partitioning in the massage room. It’s a kind of eerie energising awesome with a sexy soundtrack.

The experience starts with tea and you choose one from 16 blends created by Enmasse Tea Merchants. It’s all part of winding down. You then move upstairs to the open plan massage room, privacy offered by partitions. My Thai masseuse was tiny, her strength deceiving. The 60 minutes were over too quickly, but the massage firm and effective. I decided to end my experience with a Hot Cross Bun Chai latte and a flick through Vanity Fair on the sofa underneath a blanket. Bliss. 

Here’s my experience in pictures…

IMG_9461 IMG_9458 IMG_9457 IMG_9460 IMG_9462 IMG_9454 IMG_9455 IMG_9453

Enmasse have kindly offered my readers some lovely prizes and a fabulous offer, here’s the deal:

Win a 60 minute Enmasse massage valued at R395: comment on this blog post to be entered into the draw – entries close August 4th 2013

Win one of 2 x R250 massage vouchers: like both Enmasse and brandslut on facebook and then let me know you’ve done this by commenting on the Enmasse post on my facebook page – entries close August 4th 2013

Upgrade your 60 minute massage to 90 minutes at no extra charge: this one is for brandslut readers only, you’ll need to mention you heard about the deal on my blog  – valid until end August

Buy 3 Enmasse teas and get one free: valid while stocks last

I’ll announce the prize winners on Monday August 5th. Prizes and offers may be redeemed in both Johannesburg and Cape Town. 

Fingers crossed,

brandslut xoxo


    1. It sounds like an amazingly relaxing experience and the venue looks so tranquil.

    1. Life throws and pulls people up and down, leaving little time to spend together! Having to balance between making ‘real-world’ choices of jobs, earning an income and still trying to be young and independent, is all a bit tricky! As a woman and mother, I tend to put myself at the bottom of the “to do list” and have not had an opportunity to call time-out for myself. The only way that I will get time-out for me is when someone else commands me to do so…that of course will be by winning this competition! Holding thumbs :) xxxx

    1. It looks really enchanting and even better that they serve teas like that, i am a tea fanatic!

      Would be stunning to experience Enmasse :)

    1. I love enmasse and couldn’t think of a better place to ease the mid-year tension of a working girl!

    1. I actually sunk a little deeper into my chair reading this post. This place looks amazing. I WANT. I NEED

    1. Ah this looks so amazing! It’s my birthday on Sunday so holding thumbs for this as a beautiful birthday prezzie :)

    1. Yes please! I haven’t had a massage for a year..sad :( pick me! pretty please pick me, pick me! :)

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