Join the #FashionConvo with Woolworths this Summer


Woolworths approached me recently and asked if I’d join in the Spring/Summer #fashionconvo by putting together an outfit featuring a key piece from their new range. I was sent this summer knit in lime, and decided to dress it up a little to make it more appropriate for the corporate environment.  I paired it with a pair of black harem pants I recently bought in Athens and a black handbag and sunglasses, but decided to keep it fun with a pair of electric tangerine heels. I mean, it’s Spring, right? This knit is super versatile and I was torn between throwing on a pair of grey joggers and Converse, or going festival-chic with cut-off denim shorts, leather sandals and a flower-crown. In the end the more formal look won because it’s how I need to dress 5 days a week and I tend to shop for office fashion that can be re-purposed on weekends. Here’s a look at the outfit I put together…


The knit reveals a peek of skin for intrigue, but doesn’t show too much. You can pair this with a nude spaghetti-strap top underneath, or a bold bustier, depending on your style and mood.


How would you have worn this knit? Comment and let me know, or you can join the #fashionconvo on twitter, instagram or on the Woolies facebook page. Keen on knowing more about what’s in store this summer? Here’s Elle’s Jackie Burger giving us the low-down…


brandslut xoxo

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