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Heather Moore, designer, illustrator and mastermind behind the Skinny laMinx brand recently launched her eagerly anticipated 2013/14 Lookbook. To mark this fabulous affair, Heather has kindly offered readers the opportunity to win a hamper comprising goodies from one of her six new themes. The theme I’ve chosen to feature in this post is Afro Scandi, you’ll see by the snaps below that it’s a favourite of mine and I’m slowly amassing a little Skinny collection at home…

A few Afro-Scandi touches in our home
A few Afro-Scandi touches in our home
I recently had this cat bed covered in Skinny laMinx Afro-Scandi print Woodpile - my Kitty laMinx is going to love this!
I recently had this Hill’s cat bed covered in Skinny laMinx Afro-Scandi print Woodpile – my new Kitty laMinx is going to love this!

The new Skinny laMinx Lookbook can be viewed online and showcases the versatility of the brand in magazine format according to each of the following six themes:

  1. Afro Scandi
  2. Celebrate
  3. Maxi-Minimal
  4. Acid Pastel
  5. Oh My Garden
  6. Happy Home

Here are a few of my Afro Scandi  favourites…

Skinny laMinx Afro Scandi 3 Skinny laMinx Afro Scandi 5 Skinny laMinx Afro Scandi 2 Skinny laMinx Afro Scandi 1 Skinny laMinx Afro Scandi 4

Click here to check out the Lookbook online. And when you’ve done that, comment on this blog post and tell me which of the six themes you covet in order to be considered for the lovely Skinny laMinx hamper. Easy peasy acid pastel lemon squeasy! The winner will be announced on November 5th. 

brandslut xoxo


    1. Such a stunning competition! I need and covet the acid pastel theme! I am loving these pastel colours to zest up my living space and bring a touch of femininity to my home! Thus, this has “Megs” written all over it! Hello!? I love interior design and all things decor …so please please pick me ♥ Tweet about giveaway and following both you and @skinnylaminx on Twitter! Fingers crossed :) xxxx

      1. Adore the Afro Scandi (And just love the Acid Pastel too!) Tweeted and shared and holding thumbs for this fabulous competition!

    1. Those acid pastel colours are just stunning.
      It was hard to choose but they definitely my fave.
      Busy decorating my first class and these would be so fun to brighten up my class, the children would love it and I would love it even more! Been lusting after Skinny laminx goods for ages!

      Fingers crossed! What a lovely competition! X

    1. Oh my word – everything is gorgeous! If I had to, had to choose… it would be acid pastel theme. So light and bright and girly :) I love it all! Holding thumbs ;)

    1. I love and covet the simply African theme. Stunning,retro and rich in heritage. But I must be honest and say that the whole range is so so appealing xx♡

    1. I definitely like the Afro Scandi theme. It is natural and will fit into most homes if used as the “pop” feature. Great collection @skinnylaminx!

    1. MAXI-MINIMAL IS ME!!!!! This is the exact colour palette I am moving towards in my home, a few of these touches around my living space would be just beautiful!! I have already positioned the soft bucket in my lounge ;-))) pick me!! pick me!!

    1. It’s all gorgeous? But my fave is ‘happy home’. I’m loving the cat items – crazy cat lady here!

    1. Choosing my fave was basically the hardest decision of my week thus far. But after some consideration I think I’m with you on Afro Scandi! A close second was “oh my garden”…
      Fingers crossed :)

    1. Happy Home is my favourite! Makes my heart smile :) I love Maxi-Minimal, Acid Pastel and Oh my Garden heaps too but Happy Home just has such a “feel good” aspect to it! Love how it brings out the feeling of joy – which I would love to have more of in my home coz I think every home is a happy home but having some of your gorgeous touches would def finish off my otherwise very mish-mashed decor! :)

    1. Wow, so hard to pick a favourite, I love the amazing vibrant pop of colour in the Let’s Celebrate theme, so I would have to pick that one, but the Happy home theme is a very close second!!! Amazing patterns love it!

    1. Love love LOVE Afro-Scandi! It puts the afro in chic and brings any simple space to life. It’s definitely a must-have!

    1. Oh my! Such beautiful things… I adore the Oh My Garden theme, but to be honest they’re all gorge! Will have to start laminxing my home…

    1. Love the little touches in your home!

      There’s probably place in my home for most of the themes, but think I’d have to vote for Afro-scandi too. That persimmon colour is perfect!

    1. Maxi-Minimal is right up my alley! Really creative themes, and a beautiful Lookbook.

    1. Adore the Afro Scandi (And just love the Acid Pastel too!) Tweeted and shared and holding thumbs for this fabulous competition!

    1. MAXI-MINIMAL & AFRO-SCANDI are both ME!!!

      I am sooooo coveting those themes.. Its exactly the colour palette I am moving towards in my flat.. also, I have already found a spot for the soft bucket on my bookshelf :-))
      Pick me.. pick me!!

    1. I ABSOLUTELY LOOOVE the Acid Pastel!! It is exactly what I need to start my collection as a person hitting the over 25 mark. A way to make your house a home beautifully. Am blown away at your talent and attention to detail. Holding thumbs :) :)

    1. No man, how do I even choose! I like them all!!!

      Maxi-minimal…but really like the acid pastels & celebrate colours & designs too!

    1. Wow!! what an amazing competition! I have my fingers tightly crossed xx I am completely in love with the Acid Pastel theme!! Love the colours and everything about it!! I think it is just perfect and would create the loveliest touch to any room in the house. Im in love with the scatter cushions! Id love to have them in my house! oooh just divine!!

    1. My home decor concept is pretty simple: prints and plants. So you can see how Skinny laMinx is my spirit animal.

      My favourite look is “Oh My Garden”, I especially super love the Orla cushion in yellow. Just beautiful and would look amazing with my brown sofa, next to my spekboom.

    1. Our home definitely needs some Skinny laMinx! Very hard to choose between all of these gorgeous themes, but Happy Home is my favourite (with Oh My Garden a very close second).

    1. Oeff. Would do very many things for these. I’m constantly stalking Skinny laMinx on Instagram, I love every ounce of her style.

    1. Wow! All the ranges are SO stunning, so very hard to choose! Think I love Happy Home the most though – love all the patterning and blue hues! Can see these pieces making a very happy and cheerful home! :) Also love the bird pillow as I’m named after a bird! ;)

    1. What beautiful styling! Love the Afro-Skandi range: reminds me of my gran and some of the amazing Skandi-inspired pieces I inherited from her home. Gotta get me a soft bucket!

    1. Can’t believe I’m only seeing this now, but just in time! Absolutely adore Skinny laMinx, when I was still a student at Stellenbosch I use to drive to Bree street and spent some pocket money to brighten my little apartment. Definitely going for the Maxi-Minimal! Beautiful work Heather!

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