Cape Town Featured in New Louis Vuitton City Guides

Louis-Vuitton-City-Guide-2014This is not new news, it’s a month or so old, but worth writing about nonetheless. If you weren’t aware, Louis Vuitton have revamped their iconic City Guides and included glorious Cape Town in the mix – eee! The 15th anniversary of the collection spanning 15 cities across the continents, provides stylish travellers with tips on design, fashion, dining, accommodation and more. I’m absolutely fine with receiving one of these for Christmas, you can get them at Louis Vuitton stores in Cape Town or Johannesburg, just saying. And here’s a sweet little video to help you escape from your life for a few moments…


Louis Vuitton City Guides 2014 Louis Vuitton City Guides 2014_1

brandslut xoxo

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