Win With Brandslut and River Island

Win with Brandslut and River Island
A sneak peek at the River Island look-book I created to announce the launch – more at

I’m super excited to announce the imminent launch of British fashion giant River Island in South Africa in July. The retailer will be opening its premier South African store in Rosebank, Johannesburg – with plans to expand to Cape Town in 2015. The Autumn/Winter 2014 range features 6 key themes: puritan, luxe traveller, 60s pastels, snow, noir and grey. I mean! And along with this exciting news; River Island have kindly offered one brandslut reader the opportunity to attend the epic Night of Fashion launch event on September 18th along with two friends. The winner will receive R900 to spend on the night plus two tickets to ensure they’ve got their entourage in tow. 

Right, so this is how you enter…

1. Visit

2. Vote on the look-book I’ve created as inspiration for the River Island launch. I decided to emulate the look and feel of the initial scamps that would have been created in planning the fabulous Autumn/Winter 2014 range and featured some my favourite pieces. The items I’ve sketched will all be available in store for purchase. Voting also offers you the opportunity to win additional vouchers, so there’s a double chance to win here – yay!

3. When you’ve voted for me, brandslut (thank you!), let me know by commenting on this blog post and letting me know you’ve voted. Your e-mail address won’t be published, but please do leave one so I can contact you if you’ve won. 

That’s it, easy peasy lemon squeasy. Voting closes midnight on June 18th 2014, and I’ll announce my winner on Thursday the 19th 2014. Winners will need to be Johannesburg based or be able to get there for the event. However, so as not to exclude any readers from being able to participate – if you win but can’t make it on the night, I will happily be your personal shopper and grab you those items you’ve been coveting. I will send you the catalogue to choose from if you can’t make it.

Fingers crossed and thanks again for your vote, it means the earth. 

brandslut xoxo


    1. Voted for your look book! SOO excited to hear about this, I LOVE River Island and always head there when I hit the UK!!! #riverisland rocks

    1. Voted!Coats for days! Swooning with you! Your lookbook is so refreshing,the sketches are everything :D
      All the best

      Fashion Student Who’s Spent All Day & Night Illustrating CADs

    1. Voted… Yay for River Island coming to SA! It’s about time… Your look-book is gorgeous @brandslut

    1. VOTED! <3

      WOW! Your water-colour sketches are crazy amazing!!! As a fashion student I am soooo inspired and totally excited for the SA launch of River Island (swooning over those coats!). Fingers crossed that I get to join you for an epic night of fashion.

      LONDON here you come!!!


    1. too easy!! can you be my personal shopper all the time? ;)

      Voted and LOVE your look book.

    1. I”ve voted! Super amped that River Island is making an appearance in SA, particularly Rosebank – just around the corner. Loved your sketches – that’s some talent.

    1. Voted for your pretty look book :) Looking forward to being able to purchase the items.

    1. I thought I was excited about River Island before but your look book makes the wait all the more torturous (oh and the store will be across the road from work for me- big trouble!) X

    1. Voted, llovvee your look book, def things if wear! Look forward to seeing how you succeed!! Xx best of luck!

    1. VOTED!!! love river island and the initiative you used to add animal heads! It adds so much character to the lookbook! I’m new to your Blog and already loving it! Great job.. Fingers crossed <3

    1. Those coats! I die! Voted! Looks completely amazing. So in love with River Island and your lookbook. Would be insane to win this amazing prize! Thanks for posting this competition! <3

    1. Love this look book! Totes voted! I didn’t even know you were South African haha

    1. I’ve voted!

      I used to live in the UK and loved River Island. That was over ten years ago and I’m still wearing my winter coat from then. Wouldn’t mind another one…

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